2023 Memberships Now Available!

Membership in the Teaneck Swim Club is now open to all, regardless of residency. If we come close to capacity, Teaneck residents will have priority. Dues and fees for 2023 will be the same for everyone, regardless of residency.

Each member unit pays $200 membership dues plus a season admission fee based on the size of the family. All family units must reside in the same residence and include one or two adults.

The four size categories and their respective season admission fees are:

  • Single (one adult): $285
  • Family of 2 (one adult / one child age 2-25): $365
  • Family of 2 (two adults): $420
  • Family of 3 or more (one or two adults and their children 25 and under): $525
    • Each additional adult over 25 living in the same residence: $215
    • Caregiver (regardless of residence): $215
    • Each additional grandchild 12 or under (regardless of residence): $110

There are a limited number of senior memberships. Seniors pay the same dues and season admission fees but are not required to have a bond.
Senior memberships are at capacity at this time, but seniors may join as regular bonded or pre-bonded members. 

When senior memberships become available in the future, they will be offered to existing members who meet the eligibility criteria, giving priority to seniors who have been eligible members for the longest time. If a senior membership is offered and accepted, the bond or any pre-bond payments will be refunded. The offer of a senior membership can be refused or postponed if the eligible member wishes to retain voting rights or the right to serve on the Board of Trustees, or if the eligible senior holds and wishes to continue with a “family of three or more” membership.

To be eligible for senior membership, the individual or at least one of the individuals of a couple must be age 65 or older, and a resident of Teaneck. Once a senior membership is granted, it may be retained if the member moves out of Teaneck.  Only single and “family of two” memberships can be converted to senior memberships. A “family of three or more” could be downgraded to a single or couple membership for the following season and the offer of senior membership would take effect beginning with the new season.

A previous resident who held a senior membership but was forced to give up their membership because they moved out of Teaneck, may reclaim their senior membership on request.

All other memberships must either be bonded or pre-bonded. The bond represents an ownership interest and is in the amount of $500 and is eligible to be refunded (using bond and pre-bond payments from new members) when membership is resigned in writing before March 25th in accordance with the Teaneck Swim Club Bylaws. In order to reduce the burden of paying the bond, it can be paid in $125 payments over the course of four years. Members who have not completed their bond payments are considered pre-bonded members, and their partial bonds are not refundable in the event of resignation prior to becoming fully bonded. Only bonded members can vote at membership meetings, and serve on the Board of Trustees. Currently, our bylaws and the terms of our lease do not allow non-residents of Teaneck to be voting members or serve on the Board. We are working to change that, but until and unless we succeed, the bond and pre-bond payments of non-residents are considered “bond equivalents.” The refund rules for “bond equivalents” are the same as the refund rules for bonds. New members who pay their bond or pre-bond in full with their first-year dues, will receive a one-time $50 reduction in dues for the first year.

See 2023 Dues and Fees as a Spreadsheet

Renewals for Existing Members

Renewal dues and season admission fees for existing members are the same as for new members. Returning unbonded or partially bonded members can choose to become bonded or pre-bonded but must add at least 125 and reach 250, 375 or 500. Returning members with no bond will be treated as new members and are eligible for the one-time $50 reduction in dues for the first year if they pay the bond in full. Returning members will have the option to pay half by March 25th, and half by May 15th.

Applications for New Members

Anyone wishing to apply for membership in the Teaneck Swim Club is invited to write to the Teaneck Swim Club, P.O. Box 148, Teaneck, NJ 07666 requesting an application. Applications are available via download here, and will also be available at the Teaneck Swim Club once it opens for the 2022 season. Completed applications should be mailed to the address shown in the application with a check for the membership fees.

Renewing members must pay dues every year to maintain membership in good standing, but do not have to pay the season admission fee if not planning to use the facility in any given year. A late fee of $25 will be charged if your first payment is received after March 25. An additional late fee of $25 will be charged if your second payment is received after May 15. Bonds cannot be used as the source of any dues or fees.

Application for New Membership (fillable PDF)
Renewal Form (fillable PDF)   (Instructions)

Click here to pay online via credit card
A credit card processing charge (approx. 3%) will be included for all credit card payments.
*** Please note that renewal forms are required ***